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More to do

Sailing at:


The sailing school is located in the Karottenfabriek behind mill De Lelie. Where once thousands of carrots were stored for the production of snuff tobacco is now sailing school De Lelie.

Drink or eat at:


De Tuin is located in the villa that the Hioolen family had built for itself in 1867. The Hioolen family has been the owner of the entire mill complex for more than a century.

More activities:

molens aan de plas

Our foundation is:



De Ster and De Lelie are one of the three nominated windmills for the BankGiro Lotery Mill Prize 2019. Together with two other mills in the Netherlands, we are competing for a whopping 75,000. We can use this amount for the construction of our visitor center and the restoration of the foundation of the building next to De Ster. We have already managed to raise a substantial amount (see our money meter!), but we are not yet at the amount we need.

That is why we want to win this prize! You can vote for us until October 1 via Voting is very easy by entering your name and address on the website of the mill prize. After entering your details you will receive an email to confirm your vote. Please do not forget this, without confirmation your vote is not valid (Your details will only be used for the Molenprijs).

The Bankgiro Lotery contributes 1 euro to our project for each vote, so your vote always helps us! Will you help us win this great prize?

De Ster

Help to build the visitor center!

We have been working for a while on a new visitor center behind windmill De Ster with a presentation area for visitors and facilities for volunteers. Fundraising has started and we hope that the visitor center can open in 2020. More information about the visitor center at this special website.


News update:

  • Presentation visitor center on Nationale Molendag May 11th, read more
  • What does the visitor center look like exactly? lees meer
  • We have now received the first contributions from funds and donors, the current status can now be seen on our money meter!

update! #1

The money meter is now somewhat higher, the total amount collected has now reached 114,000! We are of course very happy with that!

update! #2

We are now a step further and the total amount collected is now 144,500. We are almost halfway!

snuff and spice mills de ster and de lelie

De Ster De Ster and De Lelie at the Kralingse Plas in Rotterdam-Kralingen are the only still operational snuff and spice mills. De Ster is originally from 1829 and has been rebuilt twice after a fire. De Lelie is from 1777 and still in its original state. More about the history of the mills can be found here.

When the doors are open the mill is open for the public. With sufficient wind, the mills are also in operation. The millers are happy to explain the production of snuff, grinding of spices and the operation and history of the mills. The mills are kept in operation by volunteers.

Opening hours

De Ster and De Lelie open every second Saturday of the month from 10:00 to 16:00. There are also guided tours about the production of snuff and the grinding of spices. In addition, the windmills are also often open on Wednesdays (10: 00-16: 00) and Saturday (14: 00-16: 30). Entrance is for free but a contribution to the maintenance of the mills is appreciated and benefits the mills.

De Ster binnen

At the normal opening hours it can be busy and it is sometimes not possible to give all visitors an complete tour. It is therefore also possible to make an appointment for a guided tour. The tours are in De Ster in groups of up to 15 people and last about an hour.


At the end of 2016 De Ster and De Lelie were handed over by the municipality of Rotterdam to Stadsherstel Historisch Rotterdam NV.

The day-to-day business of the mills is in hand of the volunteers of Stichting Molens aan de Kralingse Plas. The volunteers operate the mills, give guided tours and do small maintenance on the mills. rondleiding More about the foundation, the volunteers and our future plans can be found on this link

Help us!

We are looking for volunteers who, like us, want to make an effort for De Ster and De Lelie. You can help us in all sorts of ways, for example with giving guided tours to visitors, packing spices and promoting the mills and the products of the mills.

De Ster and De Lelie are in a beautiful setting and are full of historical techniques. We offer a nice atmosphere, free coffee, tea and of course cake. Do you want to help us or do you know someone who would like to? Contact us and come along for a day to meet us and try if you like it.


giftbox The spices that are ground in the mill can be purchased at De Ster. Here you can find more information about the spices. The spices are for sale when the mill is open and can also be ordered by email.


Now available, gift boxes with three cans of spices in our shop. On the back of the boxes is a brief explanation of our spices and the mills. Nice giveaway!

Snuff tobacco


Snuff tobacco production is a national heritage, in May 2015 is the craft of snuifreder is added to the Nationale Inventary of Immaterial Heritage.

Unfortunately, as a result of the new EU regulation for tobacco, we stopped selling snuff at the end of 2016. Despite that, we can still show the production of snuff tobacco as a demonstration.

On behalf of the Kenniscentrum Immaterieel Erfgoed Nederland (KIEN) a film was made about making snuff like it was done on De Ster and De Lelie. The film provides an extensive insight into this very old production method. The film can be viewed on this link.